Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Jaelyn S.
“When I was little, I had a Nintendo DSI. It was red, and everywhere I went, the DSI was there too. My mom would tell me and my brother to put our DSIs on the charger when we went to bed. We would charge them until we heard my parents’ door shut, and I would hop right out of bed to unplug it and get on the chat rooms. My sister and I shared a room at the time, and my brother was in the room across from us. So we would all gather in my room to play Mario Kart and to get on the chat rooms. All of my cousins and I would set a designated time during the night to hop on Chat Room A. But if my parents' door unlocked, I would swipe the DSI under my pillow and hold my breath, hoping and praying my mom wouldn’t turn the light on. On those days that she would turn the light on, she would say “Were you on that DSI?” and I would say “NOPE!” I showed no integrity or honesty at that moment. However, Integrity is way more than telling the truth and saying yes when your friend asks you if they look fat in that dress; that’s just honesty. I like to think of Integrity as staying true to yourself and your morals. Integrity is being able to say “No” when your friends ask to do things whether it be hanging out or doing a favor for them. You cannot sacrifice yourself all the time. Honesty is a quick response, but integrity is a lifestyle. It is being able to set boundaries with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your friends, and even your family (respectfully, of course). Integrity is being consistent in all the things that you do. Integrity is not putting up a false image of yourself. Honesty is convenient, but integrity is being comfortable with being uncomfortable."