A Fresh Perspective on the Collegiate Community


Why did you choose CSM to fulfill your student teaching requirement?

I wanted to be at a school that had a student conditioning program, and I knew Collegiate was an environment where you can express your faith, be a mentor, and build relationships with students.


What did you enjoy most about teaching/coaching during your time as a student teacher?

The support system. I really appreciated working with Coach Nunnley, who was my coach when I was a student, and Coach Mastriano. They’re guys who I knew I could talk to about anything. From them, I could soak up knowledge about how to teach students. I learned from how they communicated and how they helped each other. I also enjoyed building relationships with the students. Students at Collegiate are motivated and willing to learn. 

Why did you apply to work at CSM as an intern?

I knew it would be a good entry point to see how teachers and administrators operate. I wanted to be able to see things that were behind the scenes that I didn’t see as a student. 

How do you feel being back at CSM?

I didn’t appreciate Collegiate enough as a student, and now that I’ve matured I’ve realized how good the students at Collegiate have it. 

What do students get at CSM that they won’t get anywhere else?

Accountability, support, and community. You can see that teachers are genuine and education goes beyond the classroom.