5 Ways CSM Supports Our Alumni

  1. A Foundational Curriculum

Tailored to our students, many of whom are first generation college students, our Foundations curriculum begins in sixth grade with a focus on setting goals, developing executive functioning skills, and exploring career pathways. By the time our scholars are researching colleges their junior year, they have a better understanding of which schools might best serve their needs. Strong relationships are the key. Through a guided college application process, we help our scholars find the right college fit—and apply for scholarships to ease the financial burden of college.

  1. Maintaining Relationships and Offering Support

Our alumni team stays connected to all CSM alumni to offer ongoing support in the case of transferring, scholarship assistance, or course registration. In addition, we recognize the value of connection - whether it’s traveling to visit alumni at their out-of-town campuses or just setting up and working a few hours from a local college campus coffee shop, our alumni team wants to continue to stay connected with CSM alumni long after high school graduation.

  1. Hosting Events

Throughout the year Collegiate hosts multiple events for alumni to return to their high school alma mater. We offer opportunities to reunite with beloved former teachers and staff, annual sporting events, barbeques and much more to cultivate a culture of community for our alumni.

  1. Offering Emergency Assistance

For alumni who need a little extra help with unexpected expenses, we have an Emergency Fund. Whether it's a  surprise student fee not covered by scholarship or an emergency transportation need that helps a student get to campus, we can help bridge the gap.

  1. Supporting Strong Careers

We are here for our alumni when they are ready to enter the workforce. Our alumni team partners with Choose901 Alumni Program to help find the best professional opportunities for CSM alumni. Through this avenue businesses around the community are made aware of the level of excellence and the talent our alumni can provide. 

To learn about how you can support our incredible alumni check out our website here.