Mission and Vision

The mission of The Collegiate School of Memphis is to prepare young ladies and gentlemen for college success within a highly structured, nurturing, Christian environment.

The Collegiate School of Memphis is a private, college preparatory school, providing both middle and high school scholars with the highest quality education within a disciplined and caring environment so that each scholar may fully realize their God-given potential. The school’s culture was self-consciously designed to systematically emphasize the ten core values of the school: Respect, Hard Work, Integrity, Personal Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Determination, Community, Joy, Gratitude, and Sacrifice. At Collegiate, these core values work in concert with one another to support and advance the school’s mission. These values are not only a part of the daily language of the school’s culture, but they also are the ideals behind many of the school’s systems and methods which are geared to produce character development, outstanding academic performance, and college success.